December 2, 2018 Workout

Running plan: Walk 5 minutes, run 2 minutes x3, 2 minute walking cool down.

High heel squats x10 x2
Deadlifts with 20lb bar x10 x2
Side-to-sides (laying down) x10 x2
Leg ups (laying down) with a lift at the top x10 x2
Short bridge x10 x2
Side-to-side crunch with 10lb dumbbell x10 x2
Side-to-side lunge with 10lb dumbbell x10 x2
Calf raises with 10lb dumbbells x10 x2
Leg press machine 115lb x10 x2
Calf rotary machine 104lb x10 x2
Leg extension machine 52lbs x10 x2
Leg curl machine 60lbs x10 x2