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TRI’ing in 2019 – The Plan and the Goal

2019 I’m doing it again – I’m tri-ing all the things – Swimming . Biking . Running.

I completed my first sprint distance triathlon in 2010. The Ramblin’ Rose triathlon series is a women-only sprint distance triathlon here in the Carolinas. The 200 yard swim is in a pool. The 8 mile bike ride is open road. The 2 mile run is just what it says it is – a long 2 miles after your exhausted and your legs are lead.

I’ll volunteer that running is my nemesis. I run/walk now and that’s been an evolution. I want to be a runner. The kind of runner I was pre-kids where I could go out and run 7 miles with no walking, enjoying the day. I was slow, but I felt accomplished. Fast forward  2 kids, a full-time job and a lot of life later – I run/walk and can do that 4-5 miles, but it’s different. It’s frustrating. I remember every outing what it was like to take off with just my thoughts and some water and knew my run would be great. I’ve not gotten back to that same level of endurance and running just isn’t satisfying any more. I’m working it out and hope to one day be back to running 5+ miles on a whim. But…..

I don’t quit. Instead of wallowing in the self-loathing of not being what I consider to be “a runner” I decided to swim and bike too. All 3 in the same day. I’m no fish, but I love swimming laps. There’s something distracting about the monotony of laps in the pool. I LOVE my bike. I love everything about riding my bike. Well, except for traffic I share the road with. Now that I’m a mom, there’s this constant fear of being hit by a car and leaving my kids behind or making life harder with an injury – but alas – I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bike and I feel that’s my strongest area out of this trinity.

2017_tri results_06042017So, in 2010 I finished the Ramblin Rose Tri (Rock Hill, SC) in 1 hour 15 minutes. I didn’t come back to the triathlon scene until 2017. I completed the South Charlotte course which is hosted by our local YMCA and I took 12 minutes off my 2010 time. I was so proud of myself and there was something very special about 2 small heathens…I mean my beautiful children…cheering me on at the finish line with signs and hugs. Being a positive example for my kids is deeply important to me and that’s the topic of another blog post, but I was proud of myself and I was so happy they were there to see me accomplish something like that.

2019 I’m coming back and my goal is to finish the entire thing in under 1 hour. Training started this week. Here’s my 12 week training plan:

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 Bike 5 miles 30 min walk/run 300 yard swim 30 min walk/run 300 yard swim Bike 5 miles Rest
2 Bike 8 miles 30 min walk/run 400 yard swim 30 min walk/run 400 yard swim Bike 8 miles Rest
3 Bike 10 miles 30 min walk/run 2 x400 yard swim 30 min walk/run 2 x400 yard swim Bike 10 miles Rest
4 30 min walk/run 30 min walk/run Rest
5 Bike 12 miles 45 min walk/run 2 x500 yard swim 45 min walk/run 2 x500 yard swim Bike 12 miles Rest
6 Bike 12 miles 45 min walk/run 2 x500 yard swim 45 min walk/run 2 x500 yard swim Bike 12 miles Rest
7 Bike 12 miles 60 min walk/run 2 x500 yard swim 60 min walk/run 2 x500 yard swim Bike 12 miles Rest
8 30 min walk/run 30 min walk/run Rest
9 Bike 15 miles 45 min walk/run 2 x700 yard swim 45 min walk/run 2 x700 yard swim Bike 15 miles Rest
10 Bike 18 miles 60 min walk/run 2 x800 yard swim 60 min walk/run 2 x800 yard swim Bike 18 miles Rest
11 Bike 15 miles 60 min walk/run 2 x800 yard swim 60 min walk/run 2 x800 yard swim Bike 15 miles Rest
12 Bike 45 min 30 min walk/run 500 yard swim 30 min walk/run 500 yard swim Bike 30 min RACE DAY

This training plan is designed to allow me to take it slow getting in the work to meet my goal. I also purposefully added extra of everything so that in my workouts I know what it’s like to ride 15+ miles which on race day will make the 8 miles seem manageable. [Aside: I never understand the marathon training plans that top out at 18 miles or 20 miles. I think to myself there are 6 more miles your body knows nothing about.]

So this is me. Tri-ing to live my best life in 2019 and I’m really looking forward to this challenge.

January 2019 Podcast Recap

I’m committed to becoming greater in every way in 2019. Caring more about the things that matter (to me), being more present in the now, letting the small things go, leveling up…to name a few of my priorities for the year. I’ve been listening to all of the podcasts. Here’s a quick rundown of the 6 most meaningful podcasts to me so far this year.
(Note: Some of these weren’t published in January, but that’s when I got to listen.)

  1. Ed Mylett Show – The Secret to How I get 21 Days a Week! (January 28, 2019)
  2. Rise – Daily Habits that Change the Game with Brendon Burchard (#75)
  3. The School of Greatness – Jay Shetty: Small Changes for Lasting Results (January 15, 2019)
  4. The Brendon Show – Best Of: The Power of Perspective (Season 5-Episode 41)
  5. Rise Together – You Can’t Grow Unless You Fail (#30)
  6. Earn Your Happy – Use This to Keep Going When You Want to Quit (Episode 309)
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It’s not too late to create your best year ever! Here’s how.

We’re a month into the new year. If inventorying your calendar for last year was too overwhelming – PAUSE – and do it now. Look back at the last month. In January did you do the things you wanted to do? Were your calendars (family, work, social) filled with things that build you up, push you to do more, bring you joy OR were there too many appointments or things to do that drained your soul, weren’t adding value, held you back?

If you don’t take the time to create your best life – no one else is going to do that for you.

Take time right now to review your calendar for January and set a plan for February that sets you up for your best year yet. You’ve got 11 more months in this year – and NEWSFLASH – they are going to fly by! Are there things you want to do this year but haven’t started laying a plan for? What are you waiting for?!?!? Get on it!

Here’s how to get started with your plan for the best year ever:

  1. Those things that you can’t get off your mind or heart that you want to do/NEED to do – write them down. Write them all down. Maybe there’s just one thing. Maybe there are ten. Write them down.
  2. Pick one to start with or start with the one you wrote down. If you wrote more than one thing down in step one, maybe you pick the one that will bring you the most satisfaction once completed, maybe you pick the one you can get accomplished first.
  3. Now that you have the one you’re starting with, write down WHY this thing is so important to you. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do it. Maybe it’s something that will reconnect you to friends/family. Maybe it’s creating a legacy for those coming behind you. Why is this thing so important? Write it down. Recalling your why when you’re in the grind of working your plan will keep you focused on why you started this in the first place.
  4. What are your goals for this thing? Be specific. Performance is improved where performance is measured, right? It’s one thing to say that you’re going to complete a marathon, but if you walk most of it and aren’t satisfied with your performance at the finish line – then you didn’t accomplish your goal. I recommend having no more than 3 measurable goals that when you accomplish this thing, you will have this overwhelming sense of satisfaction in what you’ve done.
  5. Create the plan. You have your thing you’re going to do. You have your goals. Now write down the work that needs to happen. I recommend pencil, putting the tasks on post-it notes, or an online text editor so you can move the order of things around. I’m going to lay out an example here.
    My thing: Produce a 5K for my neighborhood
    Goals: 1. 500 runners, 2. ensure $500 in cash awards for 1/2/3 male/female winners, 3. 0 injuries/incidents for runners, spectators and volunteers. A safe event for all.
    Get permit from the city
    Establish race start/finish location
    Establish race route
    Evaluate sanitation needs (port-a-jons, hand washing stations)
    Get 10 sponsors or $5,000 in sponsorship dollars
    Create 5K artwork
    Registration website
    Get event insurance
    Secure police/EMT support

    In the example above, I write down everything I can think of that needs to be done first then I put them in order. For example, I can’t apply for a permit with the city if I don’t have a start/finish, route, insurance nailed down. So there are some things that have to happen before other things and you need to make your task list such that you can re-order items or add/remove items as you work your plan.

  6. Execute. The work won’t do itself. Ask for help. Delegate. Measure your progress towards the goals you set for your thing. When the going gets tough recall your why. Remind yourself why you started this thing to begin with. You can do this and think about how accomplished you’ll feel when you’ve done it.

Note about timelines: I’m not big on creating timelines for my goals. I do think that timelines can help create a sense of urgency around the need to continue which can push us over a hump when motivation wanes or the burden seems too great in the midst of the grind. Timelines can help us cut our work into smaller bite-sized portions. However, know that timelines can shift. For most, becoming a best selling author won’t come after writing their first book. If your goal is to become a best selling author you’ll write until you become one and that timeline doesn’t have an end date, but creating shorter milestones on your path to becoming that best selling author via your writing deadlines for creating your materials. Don’t get stuck on having to lose 100 lbs in the next 11 months. Set yourself up for success. Don’t rush it. Use timelines to create small wins that generate momentum toward your larger goal. Make sense? You’ve got this! I believe in you!