About Bartlett Academy

Bartlett Academy was established in response to a very real need that arose from public schools in our area closing to in-person instruction and leaving working parents the dual role of working and supporting hands-on education for our children. Our local public school system set an expectation of 4 hours of synchronous and 2 hours of asynchronous learning each day for all students K-12. This one-size fits all approach is unmanageable for most working parents and young elementary school-aged children like mine. 

We termed our little learning sessions early in quarantine Bartlett Academy as a fun way to brand our approach to learning in the context of living our day-to-day lives. In my first post about Bartlett Academy I said “Welcome to Bartlett Academy where we believe in the power of independence, life-long learning, fun, and compassion for our community.” I believe those ideals to still be fundamental to our approach this upcoming school year.

Goals for this academic year include:

1. Strengthen our family bonds fostering trust, respect and love.

2. Both children end the school year having achieved all developmentally appropriate milestones for their respective grades.

3. The process of learning and growing be fun.

4. Ensure obligations at work and home are met with special attention being paid to how time is spent and the return on investment to our family.

5. Complete at least 1 social responsibility project each month.