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And that concludes all of that.

In March 2021 our family up and left the Queen City in pursuit of life in eastern North Carolina where the schools were open and the ocean was near. We closed on our new house March 17 and with signed contract in hand went straight to the local public school to provide proof of residency and get these kids registered for school. Madison and Cole were super excited to be heading to school for second grade and kindergarten respectively.

When I finished getting everything filled out the sweet office administrator asked “did you want them to start tomorrow?” Um, YES!!!! What supplies will they need? Do you need any other supplies for any other teachers/grades? Tell me what you need and it’ll be here tomorrow morning. Whatever it is. She gave me a brief list of supplies they’d need when they got there the next day and I went straight to Wal-Mart. Book bags, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, crayons, composition notebooks. Got it all.

After a good night’s sleep our kids got to school on time March 18 (exactly 1 year since schools had closed in our former city). They were only in school 7 weeks before the end of the school year, but they learned a lot and met some great friends.

I’ll add that Cole has been in summer school this summer because I obviously suck as a homeschool kindergarten teacher. I have no idea how to teach letters, phonics, shapes, or anything really to a 6 year old that only wants to fish, make werewolf traps and eat. But he’s ending summer school this week being able to sing the ABC song (which he could not do 12 weeks ago). He knows all of his letters by sight and sound and I praise the Lord Jesus in heaven he is actually starting to sound out words. We’ve been reading every night and in the past week he’s been starting to try to do some reading on his own and I could just cry after the year we’ve had. Madison on the other hand has read like 3 books already this summer and is really getting into the Babysitters Club.

I’m excited for the remainder of the summer living along the Neuse River. Swimming, boating, fishing, crabbing. We’ve had the best time since we got to eastern NC and I’m looking forward to many more sweet memories here, but I’m not writing about homeschooling ever again.


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