December 3, 2018 Workout

Walk ladder on treadmill. 30 minutes total. Start at 3.5mph and increased by .1 mph each minute to 4.3mph then decrease by .1mph each minute. 2 times. Incline at 1.0.

Bicep curls with 20lb bar x15 x2
Front to lateral raises with 7.5lb dumbbells x10 x2
Overhead press with 20lb bar x10 x2
Back raise with 20lb bar behind head x10 x2
Free form machine: woodchoppers 13lb x10 x2
Free form machine: tricep extension 13lb x10 x2
Free form machine: dual cable cross 13lb x10 x2

December 2, 2018 Workout

Running plan: Walk 5 minutes, run 2 minutes x3, 2 minute walking cool down.

High heel squats x10 x2
Deadlifts with 20lb bar x10 x2
Side-to-sides (laying down) x10 x2
Leg ups (laying down) with a lift at the top x10 x2
Short bridge x10 x2
Side-to-side crunch with 10lb dumbbell x10 x2
Side-to-side lunge with 10lb dumbbell x10 x2
Calf raises with 10lb dumbbells x10 x2
Leg press machine 115lb x10 x2
Calf rotary machine 104lb x10 x2
Leg extension machine 52lbs x10 x2
Leg curl machine 60lbs x10 x2

November 29, 2018 Workout

Running Plan: 5 minute walk, 2 minute run x3 with 2 minute cool down

Free form machine – dual cable cross 13lbs x10 x2
Free form machine – tricep extension 13 lbs x10 x2
Free form machine – lateral pull down 10lbs x10 x2
Free form machine – wood choppers 13lbs x10 x2
20lb bar bicep curl x10 x2
20lb bar deadlift to overhead press x10 x2
5lb dumbbell lateral raises x10 x2
Push-ups (knees) x10

November 27, 2018 Workout

Running Plan: Walk 5 minutes, Run 1 minute x3 with 2 min walk cool down.

High heel squats x10 x2
Squats with 20lb bar x5 x2
Balance: bend over with one leg straight back with 10lb dumbbell in each hand x10 x2
Free motion squat machine: Single-leg squats with 30lbs x5 x2 (each leg)
Free motion squat machine: calf raises with 30lbs x10 x2
Alternating side lunges with 7.5lb dumbbells in each hand x10 x2 (each leg)

November 26, 2018 Workout

Well, today’s workout was c/o my husband, and it about killed me.

Walked 1.5 mi to warm-up
I found and used the free-form dual cable machine:

  • Cross-body extension 13 lbs x15 x2
  • Overhead Tricep press 13 lbs x15 x2
  • Lateral pull downs 10 lbs x15 x2
  • Chest press 13 lbs x15 x2

Knee ups on the dip machine x10 x2 (these are the devil’s creation)
Laying down side-to-sides x10 x2
Bicycle crunches x10 x2 (my abs were maxed out…..gracious these were hard)
Full sit-ups x10 x2

November 25 Workout

10 min elliptical (warm-up) – HATED EVERY SECOND OF THE ELLIPTICAL!

Squats with 10 lb dumbbells in each hand x10 x2
Forward Lunges with 10lb dumbbells in each hand x 10 x2
Laying down side-to-side x10 x2
Short bridge x10 x2
High heel squats x10 x2
Superman arms x10 x2
Superman legs x10 x2
Wide-leg squats x10 x2

500 yard swim – total time 14:01 and avg pace was 2:48/100 yards

November 24, 2018 Workout

Running Program – Run/Walk Repeats (walk 5 min, run 1 min x3 and then cooldown)

Results: Total time 20:00, 1.43 mi, 14:00/mi avg pace

laying down side-to-side x10 x2
Laying down – leg-ups x10 x2
crunches x10 x2
Push-ups (knees) x10 x2
Overhead press with 20 lb bar x10 x2
Deadlift with 20 lb bar x10 x2
Bicep curl with 20 lb bar x10 x2
Arms: Lateral raise with 5 lb dumbbells x10 x2
Tricep dip x5 x2
Tricep extension with 5lb dumbbell x10 x2
Front raises with 5 lb dumbbells x 10 x2

November 21, 2018 workout

Test run (Walk warm-up, Run 5 minutes, cool down)
Results: total time 9:01, .56 mi, avg pace 16:00/mi

Deadlifts with 20lb bar x10 x2
Squats with 20lb bar x10 x2
Bicep curls with 20 lb bar x10 x2
Forward lunges (no weight) x10 (5/leg) x2
Crunches x10 x2
Laying down side-to-side x10 x2
Superman arms up x10 x2
Superman legs up x10 x2
Push-ups (knees) x5 x2

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Read between the lines, Emily: Get to the Gym

Chances are if you’re reading this when it’s published that we are family or close friends because my blog doesn’t have a huge following (yet!). Having said that let me start by saying how much I appreciate you for taking your time to read my blog and give me feedback on my content and content you want to see. You’re a rock star!

Because you’ve known me for a while you’ve seen me yo-yo in my pursuit of “healthy” for years. I think I started Weight Watchers with my mom for the first time when I was in high school. If it’s a thing in the diet industry you’ve heard me talk about having tried it – soups, wraps, shakes, pills, equipment….thinking back on all of the things I’ve tried is a little overwhelming. And how long I’ve been on this pursuit is ridiculous more than 20 years. I mean I’ve even signed up for big races like half marathons with the intention that they would keep me consistently motivated to push my self and my body to get and stay healthy. They didn’t. None of them worked to get me to my healthiest version of me. It’s new and exciting for a few days or even months while weight is just dropping off, but when the compliments stop and there’s a lull in my bank account or life happens then I fall off the wagon and it ruins me. I gain it all back and then some. Then this happens….

Our YMCA gym membership increased. 

A few weeks ago our YMCA membership went up about $3 per month. When my husband told me I didn’t even think about it again. I don’t use our Y membership except to take my kids to the pool in the summer and stare at fit moms from behind my sunglasses wondering how they stay so fit with kids and a job and life….. Anywhoo. A few days later he says something like I’m not sure if I told you, but our Y membership went up and you need to start using it. I recoiled slightly at the audacity of him suggesting I need to go to the gym, but I didn’t say anything because I knew it was true. We’ve also had a Y membership for years and he’s never held me accountable for going so I figured this was just a phase and with $36/year attached it would fade. The next day he suggests that our date nights could be at the gym and I was like WHOA….my idea of a date night is lemon drop martinis and key lime pie from Burton’s not sweating it out at the gym. This isn’t a fleeting realization of the price increase in our membership – I think he’s calling me out about really needing to go to the gym, but not like really calling me out because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings, but the same. I couldn’t even be mad because it was true. I needed to figure something out.

I stayed up all night that night Pinteresting motivational quotes and creating my virtual vision board. I Googled weight training plans for beginners. I started a new running plan on my Garmin. I did all the things I knew to do to get motivated and he was helping. He suggested that he would take the kids with him to jiu jitsu on Monday’s and Wednesday nights so that I could go to the gym, he even suggested an alternating gym schedule for Saturdays. This was a first. I’ve mentioned before wanting to train for a race or wanting to do something, but it needed to be around his schedule because he’s serious about his training regimen. There was never an offer to take the burden of what to do with the kids off of me so that I could focus on me. He was serious.

Sure enough Wednesday rolls around and my kids come home and ask what the plan is and my husband says well you’re eating dinner, then you’re going with me so mommy can go to the gym. It was a test. I wasn’t even dressed. I was loading the dishwasher. I rolled my eyes, turned around and walked to my room to change clothes. I get to the gym, have a really nice lady take me on a tour and then I lock my keys and all in my locker within 5 minutes. I get the maintenance crew to cut my new lock off my locker and I do finish my workout (cardio only). I come home. I go to the gym the next day during my lunch break and they were closing early for the holiday. What!?!?! Something in the universe does not want me at this gym…..or it’s testing my commitment. Days 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 go by and I’ve been every day – with no subsequent mishaps and I actually look forward to it now. I’m sore – don’t get me wrong, but I’m enjoying the process and I feel good knowing that I’m doing something that honors my husband. Believe me I wasn’t saying this 7 days ago – I was more rolling my eyes and still laughing off that he would suggest I hit the gym. However, in hindsight if it was important enough for him to say it and then create changes in our schedule that would allow me to focus on actually doing it (i.e. taking our kids with him 2 night/week) then it means something to him and I want to honor that.

To that end I’ve created this new wellness section of my blog. I’ll start with some really transparent posts and then I’ll add some quick updates with my workouts so that I don’t forget what I did and you can see what I’m up to. Note: I’m not focused on eating super healthy or changing my diet (not a diet, but what I consume) right now, but rather getting in the habit of getting a workout in every day.